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1. Leprosy

Management of patients referred with complications from the surrounding 07 districts – wounds, reactions, corrective surgery.

Training of doctors and medical students to build up the pool of awareness regarding leprosy.

Support services to the government – capacity building of the health staff in diagnosis and management of leprosy and its complications.

Information, Education and Communication activities in the community and schools. Groups of volunteers from the villages and urban slums are trained under the “Community Participation in Leprosy Elimination Campaign”

2. General Health Care

We provide low cost health care, which is affordable by the poorer sections of the community. We believe that the rich can afford to go to the private institutes, the poor can go to the government facilities, but it is the lower and middle classes that are always in a limbo as they cannot afford the private care and cannot accept the government centers. So we try to bridge this gap in the health system.

We offer the following services:

Free mobile clinics to 5 villages and urban slums

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) in areas of HIV/AIDS, maternal health, and tuberculosis.

Low cost out-patient and in-patient care



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