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Achievements Till Now

Detected and cured 15427 cases of leprosy in the project area. This resulted in reduction in the number of leprosy cases from 17 for every 1,000 population to about 0.69 per 10,000 population. Apart from this, 1000 patients from outside the project area have taken treatment and got cured.

500 patients have undergone corrective surgery

Large numbers of patients have been provided a vocation through the rehabilitation program, thus helping them live with dignity in the society.

Thousands of patients from the surrounding districts have been admitted and treated for various complications of leprosy and sent back to the medical facility in their areas with due guidance.

Major contribution has been made in providing training in leprosy to the medical and health personnel of the government, as well as the the medical, paramedical, social work and nursing students of various colleges.

Award from Karnataka Chamber of Commerce for Humanitarian Service
Best NGO award from Karnataka State Leprosy Society
Award from Equip India for meritorious Service
IDF Best partner award from IDF Bangalore
Award given for Participation in Krishi Mela Exhibition cum sale
N.Vajrakumar Abhinandana award from NVA Puraskar samiti, Dharwad
Award from Rotary Club of Hubli Midtown for Appreciation of Dedicated Services
Award from Rotary Club of Midtown for Appreciation of Dedicated Services
Award from Shalmala Saras for Participation in Exhibition cum sale



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